29May 2024
Moving Van staff arrived punctually, worked efficiently, and demonstrated high professionalism. They performed well as a team and completed our move in record time. They met all the landlord's stringent requirements and left everything perfectly tidy. I would use them again.
22Apr 2024
We are beyond thankful to have entrusted our move to your capable team.
G. Ferdinand
09Apr 2024
These movers went above and beyond for us and we couldn't be more thankful! They were always considerate and made sure everything was done according to our wishes.
Stefan Roberts
11Mar 2024
We were given all the essential moving supplies and their staff was exceedingly courteous during our interactions in person.
Sabrina D.
28Feb 2024
Don't let limited budgets stop you from accessing top-notch services - this option delivers on all fronts through professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Rated at 5 stars from me.
Matt T.
08Feb 2024
My experience with Man and Van was nothing short of exceptional.
29Jan 2024
I am immensely impressed by the professionalism displayed by this moving company. Their speed, politeness and preparedness for packing ensured that every item was handled with meticulous care and assembled/dismantled accurately. Excellent moving service!
F. Shearer
19Jan 2024
I'm so thankful we decided to hire this removal company for our move - they truly made everything so much easier.
M. Franks
05Jan 2024
What an amazing company! Their service from start to finish was top-notch - from their prompt and responsive approach to the fantastic team on the day who were friendly, cautious, and fast.
Sam L.
01Aug 2023
A well-thought-out system for filling boxes is crucial in quickening the transition process.
Audrina L.
20Jun 2023
Polite customer service folk gave us everything we needed for moving to a different state. Everything was sent out quickly; paperwork documents arriving exactly when they should have, making it effortless to go through with the procedure without wastage of time. Displacing items from our property passed by swiftly with excellent cheer from everyone doing the job. This is the second time utilizing this business for a far-reaching journey of mine.
05Apr 2023
I entrusted ManwithVanRemovalServices for a moving job last week and they were dependable and budget friendly!
Alicia Smith
06Feb 2023
As a result of problems with my move, I had to schedule a date at the last minute. They were recommended to me by a neighbour, and they were great in booking everything in. They arrived early, and they dismantled and reassembled everything perfectly. I have never used a removal company before and have always done it myself, but I highly recommend Removal Company. Took out all the stress... Thanks!
Kevin Miller
18Jan 2018
The team at Moving Services were really great, helpful, polite and very professional movers that you could tell wouldn't let you down, and they didn't.
Carl Kindlow
08May 2015
I had been renting a home for a few years while saving to buy. I already had loads of furniture which I kept at a local storage unit. ManwithVanRemovalServices also dealt with removals and had a man and a van service for me at such a great price, I had to book them! On the day I moved, I was met at the new property by all my stored items looking as good as the day I bought them. It was great to see everything in my own home for the first time. I have already recommended this removals company to others and will carry on doing so.
Michelle D.
17Mar 2015
During my recent house move, I needed a lot of stuff moving, and I wasn't sure if any one company would be able to cope with my requirements. After some digging around, I came across ManwithVanRemovalServices. They really helped me with all of my removal needs and they were switched on to giving me a high quality service to the best possible standards.
Joel M.
16Feb 2015
I had countless sleepless nights before I finally agreed a deal to buy my dream property. Little did I know how much stress would follow soon after. Without the help of ManwithVanRemovalServices it is safe to say that I simply wouldn't have been able to move into my new home. They stepped in and constructed my entire move from scratch, taking all the pressure of my shoulders. I can't thank the team enough for all the hard work they put in and have no qualms at recommending them to others. Thanks again!
Rosa M.
24Nov 2014
If you're looking for flexibility for your move then ManwithVanRemovalServices are the removals firm for you! With my busy schedule it was virtually impossible for me to move on any other day other than a Sunday, but calling well in advance gave your movers time to prepare and book me in on my preferred moving day! Plus your rates were unbelievably competitive and you quality of service delivered was unrivalled. Keep up the good work!
John Carrey-Fortnam
10Sep 2014
I hired a removal van for business purposes from a reputable company called ManwithVanRemovalServices. You read these horror stories online about awful removal companies and the damage that can be caused to your belongings but this company, I can genuinely vouch for. They were excellent from start to finish. The removal van was clean and secure and might I say great value for money. Overall, I was so over the moon with them and I would not think twice about hiring them for a second time. So, to sum up, I would recommend this company for sure.
Mark Howard
13Aug 2014
I owe a big debt of gratitude to this removal firm. I think when it came to my actual moving day I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the trouble I had beforehand with an estate agent. Anyway, the removal company here did an excellent job and their ability to just get on with the job really calmed me down and made me realise I was indeed actually going to make it to my new home at last. So a big, big thanks to everyone at ManwithVanRemovalServices for the care and concern and of course their hard work, I'm very happily settled into my new place now.
25Jul 2014
This is a great removal company and their man with a van service is second to none! I've used lots of moving companies in the past as I move around a lot for work, and ManwithVanRemovalServices is definitely the best I've tried! My man and van was friendly, efficient and fast, and he really took great care with my expensive and fragile items. The whole day was a joy, and instead of being stressed and anxious on moving day I was having nice chats with a really experienced mover! I'll definitely use this service next time I have to move!
Alan Y.
11Jun 2014
These blokes were great stuff - extremely helpful, polite and considerate to the very last! I moved from London to a lovely village in Kent - not the longest journey, but hardly a stone's throw either - and it passed like a beautiful dream. These boys move white goods like I've never seen before - and even worked out creative ways for me to shift things I never thought I'd be able to move, and was expecting to leave at home. You did me well proud, ManwithVanRemovalServices, and I've been recommending you to anyone who will listen.
Mark T.
21May 2014
ManwithVanRemovalServices moved all of our boxes into the moving van so quick it defied belief! Everything was packed into the vans and ready to go within minutes, which blew us away. From there, they reached their destination in record time - we could barely keep up with the driver! They then helped us unload everything into the facility, and collect and load a ton of stuff we'd been storing. Companies you can trust are as rare as hen's teeth, as are companies that charge reasonable prices. Thanks an absolute bundle ManwithVanRemovalServices! We really couldn't have done it without you!
Ross Lupton
08May 2014
In all senses of the word, I was AMAZED at how well the removal went last month. We owe it all to ManwithVanRemovalServices who ensured that there was nothing left to chance, and that all went extremely smoothly over all. You cannot understand the relief that I felt as I realized that I was not going to have to worry about anything, as they just got everything sorted for me! I would certainly recommend this bunch to any of my friends, which is why I'm writing this I suppose! A great removal, a decent price, not much more you could ask for!
Katie Pierce
23Apr 2014
Wanted to drop by and say a big thank you to the team over at ManwithVanRemovalServices on behalf of me, my wife and all of our family. Their help really made a difference on the day and I was so worried that everything was going to go wrong. There really is no better option, I've found, when it comes to moving home. As a family which quite frequently moves (at least more than most), you grow to notice the real differences which emerge during the process and their help was a fantastically useful service when it came to getting the whole family settled.
Mark Alexander
06Apr 2014
I'm just over the moon with ManwithVanRemovalServices! I needed a removal vehicle, not for a house move, but to take some old bits of furniture into storage. Not only did this company ensure that I had the perfect removal van on moving day, but they even managed to find me a better deal on a storage unit! I didn't know that this removal company rented secure storage facilities, but their prices, locations and high levels of security really impressed me! I've saved a lot of money, and getting my furniture into storage was really fast and easy too. A fantastic company who really seem to care!
27Mar 2014
I had just retired and was relocating area for a new life with my wife to take it easy. I was though not looking forward to the move, as there was a lot of possessions to get packed and on the way. My mate gave me the details of a removal firm he had used, so I thought I would give them a try. I called ManwithVanRemovalServices and they came out to give me an estimate, which I thought was O.K. From there the dates were sorted for the packing and the relocation, and basically it just went like clockwork.
Barry S.
19Feb 2014
Having a moving company you know you can trust and rely on is so important to getting through a move with your sanity intact. Well with ManwithVanRemovalServices that is exactly what you get; just real professionals who really take care with your possessions and yet seem to work at such a pace that you would think your furniture is in danger. These really are expert movers, and they have made moving house a simple proposition a couple of times for me and my family now. If you are comparing quotes don't bother - just go with these guys they really are superb at what they do.
Phoebe Finlay
07Feb 2014
If you're looking for a great way to move home, I'd say you need to give ManwithVanRemovalServices a call. Their help made my move so simple that I thought I'd come online and let other people know of how potentially easy it can be to move. They set me up with a system that meant that I could relax while they took care of most of the hard work. There's so much to focus on that I really enjoyed the extra time they were able to find me. If you're worried about a big move coming up, give them a call and see what they can do.
Arthur Perry
22Jan 2014
I knew I needed to hire a removal van for my house move because of the amount of things I needed to move. I spoke to several companies before deciding on ManwithVanRemovalServices. I wasn't just impressed by their really competitive prices, but I thought they definitely seemed to be the most skilled and professional people I'd spoken to. They took great care in listening to my needs and they made sure I had just the van I needed for my moving day. I'd definitely use their services again as I was more than thrilled with the help I received. Good job!
Ali H.
29Oct 2013
In essence, a removal is one of the most stressful things I have ever been through. In reality, it would have been a lot worse had I not had ManwithVanRemovalServices on board, so I have to extend great thanks to them! The team became part of the family, and were very good with the kids, getting them to help out, and ensuring that they were involved. They still managed to get the job done really quickly as well, and there was very little damage. Amazing job, thanks again guys.
Craig Horton
16Oct 2013
Moving house is a hugely stressful thing to have to do. It is hard work and all of the planning makes everything so difficult. You will likely want to avoid all responsibility for the job. If this is the case, and you are like me in wanting to bury your head in the sand a little, then talk to ManandVan as they took on the sorting out of everything, from organizing the transport and packing, to the other end of the move where everything was unloaded in to the right rooms. A great job all round!
Mary Clemence


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